Vital Baby Mini Freezer Pots with Lids - 8 Pieces


Baby Weaning Food & Breast Milk Storing Containers

Vital Baby Press 'n' Pop™ baby food freezer pots are perfect for freezing homemade foods or breast milk in convenient 1oz/30ml portions. Their secure clip-on lids ensure that baby's food is protected from contamination and their soft Press 'n' Pop™ bases make it easy to pop the frozen food cube out or microwave defrost and warm straight from the freezer and feed directly from the pot. Vital Baby Press 'n' Pop mini freezer pots are made from safe BPA free materials and conform to BS EN 14372.

  • Soft bases to make popping cubes out easy
  • Freeze homemade baby foods easily
  • Stack and freeze neatly in the freezer
  • 8 x pot 1oz/30ml capacity
  • Dishwasher / Microwave & Freezer safe
  • BPA Free


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