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Goldbug Mummy Clips -Large Durable Pram Hooks- Twin Pack

The Goldbug Mummy Clip is one of Goldbug’s most popular products, and has made shopping much easier for mummies and daddies everywhere.

This clip is lightweight, versatile, and very easy to use, it lets you get around in ease with kids, any time, any place.

It is a very handy product which makes carrying bags home a much easier task.
The Mummy Clip opens and closes easily with a simple flick, It can hold your shopping bags as well as your hand bag leaving  your hands free so you can continue with the shopping and manage your child.
The Mummy Clip fits on to a variety of stroller and pram handles, and is also perfect for use on shopping trolleys., it can also be used as a hand-held clutch to collect all of your bags so that they are on one clip, without putting strain on your hand. Simply snap the clip on to the stroller/pram and you are ready to go!

If you are a daddy, and mummy is the one who usually does the shopping, the Mummy Clip can still be useful for you! Many daddies like to use the clip for holding their camera bags, athletic accessories, and of course, for carrying mummy’s shopping bags and baby’s favourite toys while out on the go!

The Goldbug Mummy Clip is made of durable, heavy-duty aluminum, and is built to last. It won’t break like the cheap plastic alternatives.

You can now stop searching for pram clips; the Mummy Clip is the way to go!

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