Summer Infant Soothing Turtle - Light Projector & Sound Player Cuddly Toy

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Colour Change Starry Lights with Lullabies

White noise is a popular frequency that is known to help babies fall and stay asleep. Did you know there are many other frequencies that are scientifically proven to help as well? This cuddly character has the six main colours of noise projected through starry lights and sounds. The cry activation feature automatically returns your child back to slumber land and reduces the number of unnecessary trips mum makes to the nursery. The different colour choices are important, because each baby responds to different noise colours in unique ways. While your infant might find pink noise ideal, your toddler might find green noise more soothing. You are finally able to choose the perfect atmosphere to get your baby (and mum) and great night sleep!

  • 6 coloured noises with corresponding starry sky display projection (white, green, blue, purple, red, and pink)
  • Cry Activation to reduce unnecessary nursery visits
  • 2 options to choose from: an automatic light show or relaxing individual colours and sounds
  • 15, 30, 45 minute auto shut-off
  • Volume control


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