Red Kite Spiraloo Pink Unicorn - Baby Girl Activity Spiral Toy


Cot & Travel System Twisty Bar with Plush Hanging Toys

Spiraloo Unicorn is a pink twisty toy to use on car seat handles and frames of buggies. A very delicate spiral with a combination of white, pink and purple tones which will definitely catch the attention of any baby girl. Featuring cute hanging activity toys with rattles, squeakers and textures which will keep baby happy. Includes learning toys for baby amusement.

  • Suitable for cots or travel systems
  • Includes squeakers, crinkles and bells
  • Suitable from 3 month
  • Complete of display box
  • Size: H11 cm, W22 cm, D11 cm

Size: H11 cm, W22 cm, D11 cm


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