Prince Lionheart Cushiony Fireplace Guard with Corners - 2 Colours

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Childproofing Impact Adsorbing Foam – Neutral or Chocolate

Prince Lionheart Cushiony Fireplace Guard and Corners will help protect your child from the impact of a fall or knock against any sharp corner or edges in your house! The Fireplace Guard comes in five universal 46cm sections (1.8m total) of impact absorbing foam which can be cut to your desired length. The Cushiony Fireplace Guard easily adheres to sharp edges. Full-length double-stick tape keeps guard securely fastened and removes quickly and easily when no longer needed. Easy to fit soft cushiony foam feel fits tables, worktops, steps and more, simply cut the 5x 46cm sections of edging to your exact requirements.

  • Fire retardant
  • non-toxic
  • latex-free Foam
  • Impact Adsorbing

    Box contents:
    • 5 x 18” (46cm) foam length for a total of 7.5ft (2.3m)
    • 2 preformed corner cushions
    • Full length double-stick tape


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