Prince Lionheart Backseat Kick Mat - Car Seatback Protector


Backseat Kick Mat with Toy Clips - Black/Grey

Your car is a big investment, so protect it! Playful feet are always tempted to kick the back of a seat. Until they can resist temptation, this mat will keep the back of your front seats dirt, scuff and mud free. Backseat Kick Mat comes with 2 carabineers to attach favourite toys The backseat attaches to the seat by mean of buckle and velcro strap that can be adjusted to fit different size of seats. This product has been designed with a combination of very strong fabric and plastic materials and carries a lifetime warranty.

  • Protects the seat back from feisty feet
  • Keeps seat backs dirt, scuff and mud free
  • Baby toys can be attached to side clips
  • Durable, with lifetime guarantee
  • Complements other Prince Lionheart car accessories
  • Easy to fit

Size 40cm wide, 53cm high



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