Orbit 6-10 yrs 1 Tog Travel Grobag

  • Orbit 6-10 yrs 1 Tog Travel Grobag - Cute Baby Angels Ltd
  • Orbit 6-10 yrs 1 Tog Travel Grobag - Cute Baby Angels Ltd

Sleeping Bag for Older Children - Fits 5 Point Travel Harness

With a vibrant and bright star pattern suitable for slightly older children, the 3-6 and 6-10 year Grobags are the perfect solution for children who simply prefer Grobags to duvets or blankets. It’s also ideal for children staying in hospital or at home who need feeding through tubes..

  • Fits a 5 point travel harness
  • 100% woven cotton outer
  • 100% super-soft jersey lining on 2.5 and 1.0 tog
  • 100% cool cotton single layer on 0.5 tog
  • Quick–dry polyester filling on 2.5 tog
  • 2 way front zip and back vent on all sizes


Additional Information

Choosing your Grobag tog

A tog measurement is a European warmth rating: the higher the tog, the warmer the product. Grobag baby sleep bags are available in four tog ratings.

A number of factors determine the tog rating of the baby sleep bag that should be used. These include the number of clothes your baby is wearing, the temperature of their bedroom and your baby's health.

Grobags come in a variety of warmth ratings (togs):

3.5 tog

Cold temperatures - for cold room temperatures of 12-15°C (54-59°F)

2.5 tog

All year round - for standard room temperatures of 16-20°C (61-68°F)

1.0 tog

Summer and daytime naps - warmer weather and in rooms of 21-23°C (69-74°F)

0.5 tog

Holiday and heatwaves - hot weather and very warm rooms of 24-27°C (75-81°F)


 Choosing your Grobag size

An ideal time to start using a Grobag baby sleep bag is when your baby weighs more than 8.8 lbs (0-6 mths size). Your child's head should not be able to pass through the neck hole when the Grobag is fastened; otherwise the Grobag is too big. Remember to check the weight of your child.

Please remember that these are recommendations only as all babies are different.

Approximate child age

Minimum child weight

Maximum child length

0-6 months

4kg / 8.8lb

68cm / 27"

6-18 months

8.1kg / 18lb

86cm / 34"

18-36 month

11.4kg / 25lb

98cm / 39"

3-6 years

53.5cm chest

116cm / 46"

6-10 years

58cm chest

140cm / 55”



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