Nappy Nippas 3 Pack Baby Nappy Fasteners - Red, White, Blue

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Secure Diaper Fasteners - Needle Free Grippers

The Nappi Nippa nappy fasteners are a fantastic alternative to safety pins. The plastic fasteners simply stretch and then grip the nappy, holding it securely in place. Not only are they incredibly easy to use, but they are also much safer than regular safety pins. The T- shaped gripper is easy to attach and holds the nappy snugly and firmly in place. They are incredibly easy to use, simply stretch and grip. Since their invention over thirty-five million Nappi Nippas have sold worldwide.

  • The fabulous nappy fasteners which make safety pins a thing of the past
  • Brings reusable nappies right into the 21st Century
  • The original and best alternative to safety pins
  • Material: Plastic
  • Pack of 3 fasteners


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