MilkySnugz Milk Bottle Comforter - Feeding Companion

Soft Baby Soothing Bottle Hugger

The MilkySnugz baby comforter makes feeding time easier for both you and your baby. It provides comfort for your little one during feeding time and aids their mobility and helps develop fine motor skills as they learn to grasp and move their hands. To keep baby comfortable and snug, the MilkySnugz comforter is made from a sumptuous blend of cotton and polyester fabrics. With a zip fastener for convenient access, the MilkySnugz comforter fits any size baby bottle, including sipper spout and sport cap bottles, and can be easily cleaned in a washing machine.

  • Universal, it will fit any milk bottle
  • Helps develop fine motor skills
  • Promotes independent feeding
  • Helps get your baby from breast to bottle
  • Comforts your baby while you feed

Machine washable
Size cm14 H x cm12 W (it will stretch around the bottle)


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