Kids Kit Pelis Play Pouch - Bath Toys Organizer


Pelican Shaped Tub Time Drip Net Bag

A Playful pouch for bath toys! This is an amazing accessory for storing bath time toys. It fits on the side of the bath tub and can be turned outwards when adults want to use the bath. The pouch saves space and organizes clutter, providing a sanitary storage place for bath toys in the mesh bag which allows the toys to drip dry. The pelican's mouth opens wide to allow easy access to the toys and becomes a toy in itself.
The clamp fits baths with an edge between 7.5 and 12cm in width only.

  • An amazing accessory for storing bath-time toys
  • Fits on the side of the tub
  • Can be turned outwards when adults bathe
  • Highly sanitary - porous pouch lets toys drip dry
  • Saves space and organizes clutter
  • Sturdy and safe


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