Dooky Hoody Infant Car Seat Hood - Sun & Sleep Cover - Color Change Balloons UPF 40+

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Designed as a Sun Protector as well as Sleep Shade

Dooky Hoody Replacement Infant Car Seat Hood Colour Changing Balloons Make your Infant Car Seat stand out in the crowd with the new Changing Colour Ballons. The Hoody is cream and then when you go out the material reacts with the heat of the sun and turns the Balloon pattern from black and white to pretty colours. Dooky Hoody gives your child excellent UV protection. It is universal and fits in seconds to most baby car seats group 0+.

  • Universal fits most baby car seats 0+
  • Excellent UV/sun protection (UPF 40+)
  • Fits in seconds
  • Create peace and comfort for your baby
  • Blocks UV, sun, wind, light, cold, noise, light rain
  • Adjustable in height rolls up & down
  • Changes colour with the sun


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