Clippasafe Non-Slip Natural Rubber Bath Mat


Anti-Mildew Protected Baby Bath Mat

Children love to play around and splash in water and it's certainly no different when they are in the bath or shower! Most parents will agree it's often difficult to try and encourage youngsters to get out of the tub. However, as they move around and play with their toys there's always the risk of them slipping over and injuring themselves. A bang to the head on the side of the bath or shower can result in a nasty cut or bruise and even a trip to the hospital. Our machine-washable, slip resistant, rubber mat can be used in baths and smooth shower trays to make sure bath-time remains a fun and safe experience.

  • Non-slip textured surface and suction cup fitting
  • Made from natural rubber
  • Anti-mildew protected
  • Natural beige colour
  • Size approximately 35 x 57cm


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