Breathable Baby Pocket Swaddle - Soft & Stretchy Wrap - Safari 0-3 Months

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Performance Fabric Helps Keep Baby Comfy & Dry

The Pocket Swaddle by Breathable Baby is a high performance swaddle that helps prevent babies from overheating, a common risk factor for SIDS. Using multiple layers, this fabric draws moisture away from baby to help maintain a regular temperature. The fabric liner removes water away from the baby, where it can evaporate more easily, helping to regulate body temperature and keep baby comfortable. The breathable material removes moisture up to ten times faster and the soft and stretchy fabric has extra leg room for easy swaddling The pocket swaddle by BreathableBaby makes for a comfy cosy fit keeping your baby comfortable and dry during bed time.

  • Designed with handy pocket for easy swaddling
  • Moisture winking breathable blanket
  • Helps regulate baby body temperature
  • Transmits water away
  • Fabric with handy pocket makes swaddling easy and comfortable
  • Suitable for babies aged 0-3 months - 3.2 - 6.5 kg (7 - 14 lbs)




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