Baby Art My Lovely Belly - Baby Bump 3D Impression Kit


Pregnant Mum Casting Set

The Baby Art Belly Kit allows you to easily and quickly create a wonderful and perfect cast of a pregnant belly! An enduring keepsake you will always cherish - an exclusive pregnancy masterpiece! The Baby Art Belly Kit is very simple, with no messing and everyone can do it! In 30-45 minutes you can have an original memory that says so much more than pictures or video. Afterwards you can decorate your cast by painting and / or varnishing - though the wonderful pregnant belly is a masterpiece on its own! The Belly Art Kit is 100% safe for you and baby, using high-quality impression material that is super soft and does not cause any allergic reaction. The Belly Art Kit contains all you need to create a beautiful and lasting belly cast! All you need to provide is your belly, a pair of scissors and a basin of water.

  • 3D Imprint
  • Very easy to do
  • 100% safe for mother and baby
  • Keepsake item
  • Ideal for gifting


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