Vital Baby NOURISH Power Suction Plate Fizz - Pink or Blue

Designed with Strong Suction Power to Stick to Baby’s Highchair & Table

Vital baby® NOURISH™ power™ suction plate has been proven to have the strongest suction pad available which helps prevent tipping and spills. Easy to use, you simply press the pad onto a baby’s highchair tray, flip the tab on the pad and twist on the plate for less mess at mealtimes! The scooped sides help your little one to gain confidence with feeding from their own “grown up’ plate. With an integrated pot, it is ideal for dipping food into your baby’s favourite sauce or dip. This plate is ideal for when baby wants to start feeding themselves, and for baby-led weaning.

  • Super strong suction power
  • Dipping pot
  • Easy and simple to attach
  • Plate is suitable for the microwave & dishwasher
  • Suction pad not suitable for microwave or dishwasher use
  • Made from safe Phthalate-free, Latex-free & BPA-free materials

Suction pad may not perform as well on natural wood or textured synthetic wood, stone or porous surfaces.
When independently tested against other brands of bowls and plates with suction bases, vital baby® NOURISH™ power™ suction plate, was found to have significantly stronger suction power



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